The following is 4 Types of bad weight loss Exercises you should avoid. Most people believe that all exercises are good, safe and effective.  After all, it's exercise and that has to count for something, doesn't it?

This is a common misconception in the health and fitness industry. The truth is that some common exercises are extremely ineffective and burn little to no calories. This makes These exercises completely pointless when you're trying to lose weight.

4 Types of bad weight loss Exercises you should avoid

Let us start by explaining that it is impossible to burn calories if you do not move a weight across a distance. The more weight and the longer the distance the more calories you will burn. However the faster you move the more momentum you'll gain causing you to lift less weight and burn fewer calories.

The following types of exercises are low-calorie burning exercises. If your goal is to lose weight then you should avoid these types of exercises.

  1. 1.)Isometric Exercises
  2. 2.)Cardio Exercise
  3. 3.)Isolation Exercises
  4. 4.)Ab Exercises

There is nothing wrong with these types of exercises they all have a particular purpose just not weight loss. However, We do recommend including these types of exercises into your workout as they can have lots of health benefits. Now you know the 4 Types of bad weight loss Exercises you should avoid Click here to learn the Top 6 effective exercises to burn stubborn belly fat.


isometrics is the most important of the 4 Types of bad weight loss Exercises you should avoid. if you are trying to lose weight then you should just not do this exercise type at all.  This type of exercise is done by holding a weight or your body in a tense position for an extended period of time. This type of exercise does not burn any calories at all and has no weight loss benefits.

List of common Isometric Exercises.

  1. 1.)Static Lunge -  Works Quads, hamstrings. lower back, and glutes.
  2. 2.)Isometric Push-up - Works Abs, middle and lower back, triceps, and chest.
  3. 3.)Wall Sit - Works Hamstrings, quads, calves, and lower back.

However, These exercises are brilliant for building muscle. This is because they do not burn calories and are strictly a muscle stimulation exercise. These types of exercises are best used to maintain a calorie surplus when trying to gain weight or build muscle. This allows you to train more without going into a calorie deficit and losing weight.


Cardio is an extremely ineffective way to lose weight due to the fact it takes huge effort to burn just a few calories. This is something you may have noticed while at the gym using commercial cardio machines. It may take a few minutes to burn as little as 25cals by doing cardio. This is not a practical way to losing weight considering to lose 1kg you must burn 7700cal.

List of common Cardio Exercises.

  1. 1.) Jogging.
  2. 2.) Cycling.
  3. 3.) Row machine.

However, cardio is still important and a key part of staying fit and has many health benefits. We recommend including some cardio into a routine to improve your cardiovascular system and help you stay fit. The best way to do this is to keep your cardio quick and intense. If your main goal is to lose weight you don't want to make cardio the main part of your workout.

3.)Isolation Exercises

Isolation exercises in weight training are exercises that involve only one joint and a limited number of muscle groups. This is in contrast with compound exercises that work two or more joints and more muscles. These exercises burn fewer calories because they use fewer muscle groups. This means less weight & distance being moved causing you to burn fewer calories per rep.

List of common Isolation Exercises.

  1. 1.)Bicep Curls -  Works the biceps. Can be performed with dumbbells, cables or exercise machines.
  2. 2.)Tricep Extensions - Works the triceps. Can be performed with dumbbells, cables or exercise machines.
  3. 3.)Quadriceps Leg Extensions -  Usually performed with a machine. Works the quadriceps.

However, These exercises are brilliant for building muscle. This is because in order to gain weight and build muscle you must be in a calorie surplus. That is why when building muscle you should try burn as few calories as possible while also trying to get as much muscle stimulation as you can.

4.)Ab exercise

Ab exercises are extremely low-calorie burning exercises and are a very ineffective way to lose weight or even get a six-pack. The best way to get a six pack is to reduce your body fat percentage to unveil your abs. This is much more effective than trying to build up your ab muscles to show through the fat tissue.

List of common Ab Exercises

  1. 1.) plank - This exercise is an isometric exercise and burns no calories at all.
  2. 2.) Crunches - This exercise burn so little calories it would take 22,000 reps to burn a 1 pound of fat.
  3. 3.) Sit-ups - A low-calorie burning exercise that is not worth your while doing.

However, if want to include an ab exercise into your routine to build up your abdominal muscles we recommend leg raises. Leg raises are the highest calorie burning ab exercise you can do. They also workout your entire abs and are a great muscle stimulation exercise. Click here to learn how to do leg raises.

**If you would like to know what exercises burn the most calories for you as an individual Click Here.


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